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Our Readers, Your Valued Consumers

'MUALLIM' is the India's only Muslim Lifestyle Magazine in English.

'MUALLIM' has the potential to influence the buying behaviour of MUSLIM CONSUMERS

‘MUALLIM’s readers are well aware about its HALAL ONLY policy. Thus appearance of an advertisement in 'MUALLIM' is deemed to be a certificate that your product is HALAL.

'MUALLIM' is a platform for brands to reach the MUSLIM COMMUNITY to which the world is just waking upto.

'MUALLIM' helps you to reach the Muslim consumers the way in which they are comfortable and pay heed to the message directed towards them.

'MUALLIM' enjoys an outstanding reception and has captured the imagination of many People from affluent to middle class.

'MUALLIM' is widely read by the Businessman, Corporate Professionals, Housewives, Academicians, Doctors, Self Professionals, Students, Islamic Scholars, Muslim Politicians, General readers, etc.

'MUALLIM' has a steadily rising circulation and loyal readership base of upwardly mobile Muslims due to authenticity of its content.

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