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Muallim is a Muslim lifestyle magazine, which addresses the religious concerns of Muslim families across the world. Muallim primarily addresses issues regarding Islamic education, moral upbringing, spirituality, creed and jurisprudence.


We aim to impart Islamic knowledge, linking Islamic practices to a true and genuine scholarship in a way that is relevant & compatible with contemporary living. This is an effort to enrich lives of all stratums of society by reinforcing true and meaningful Islamic values that respect every individual's rights.


It is first of its kind that features the lifestyle of Muslim community in our country and around the world. The objective behind ‘Maullim’ is to educate and empower the Muslim minority so that they can best utilize their talent for the development of Modern India.


Blossom Media organises Humanity First Conclave

A platform where religious scholars of various faith, US Consul General, Army Major, media & film personalites, entrepreneurs and government officials have discussed various path breaking strategies for interfaith harmony and social upliftment.

India's First Halal Expo

International Halal Show India organised by Halal Council of India in Mumbai, where more then 80 brands exhibited their products and services.

Special issue on 87th Saudi National Day released

"alwatany' the special issue of Muallim on 87th Saudi Nastional Day released at Hotel Trident, Mumbai by the H.E. Consul Genral of Saudi Arabia Mr. Saad Zafer S. Algarny


  • 12 Tips for Muslim Youth in Dawah

    As Muslims, we know each one of us has a duty in calling people towards Allah. We are surrounded by friends at school/college or co workers at work along with neighbors of different faiths. If you’ve ever wondered how you can present Islam to others without sounding preachy or boring, read on.

  • Be an Ideal Wife - Sister's Page

    “Prophet (PBUH) said “The whole world is a provision, and the best object of provision in this world is the pious woman”. In Islam wife plays an imperative role. Her every action directed to gratify her husband, ultimately to have pleasure of Allah.


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